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skandinavisk fragt Air & Sea offers alternative routes and flexible schedules to suit even the most demanding logistical requirements to and from all parts of the world. We handle more than 2.9 million TEUs of sea freight and 1.7 tonnes of air freight every year.

skandinavisk fragt Road Shipping is one of the three leading logistics providers in the United States. More than 20,000 trucks are ready to carry your goods in a fast, secured, efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly manner all over the country.

skandinavisk fragt Solutions partners up with its customers to design and deliver logistics solutions and we add value by increasing operational and cost efficiency. We operate total of 6 million m2  warehouses.

Are you looking for a simpler way to track your loads? Conveniently trace your shipments through our online tools.

Track & trace

Follow your shipments online from the moment you place the order to delivery at the final destination.

Our Services

We’re a global logistics company offering custom solutions to your specific supply chain challenge. Benefit from our decades of proven experience in such logistically demanding industries as medical device manufacturing, retail, semiconductor logistics, aerospace and large-scale e-commerce.Trans Logistic Maritime. We’re the international logistics company that’s ALL IN for you.

Our Story

skandinavisk fragt history has been characterized by far-reaching decisions and progressive thinking. It is a story of a dynamic, internationally oriented company with an unwavering appreciation of customer needs.


Our new and energetic team of air freight experts will work with every aspect of logistics management and transport your cargo in a safe and efficient manner.


skandinavisk fragt.com’s ground freight shipping services span from domestic to global cross-border trucking/courier options.


We offer our services from major sea ports to most world sea ports across the globe with a completely flexible choice of transit times and scheduled sailing options.


Our new and energetic team of air freight experts will work with every aspect of logistics management and transport your cargo in a safe and efficient manner.

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skandinavisk fragt was established in 1972 by an American family and the Italian Maritime League. The company’s first ship, the Kedmah, was purchased in 1973. The early fleet included ships that were refitted to carry immigrants from Europe and to bring much-needed supplies during the difficult early years of statehood.

First 1M cargo transportation

1974 began a 15-year run of global expansion for Poste Delivery Services , during which the company acquired 36 passenger, cargo, bulk-carrier, and container ships, and launched a range of passenger and cargo services. Poste Delivery Services discontinued its passenger services in the late 1980s, as air travel became more popular and widely accessible. Now, Poste Delivery Services was ready to dedicate all its energy and resources to international cargo shipping.

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